Thursday, May 14, 2009

All in a...Monday night?

Normally, just the thought of a Monday is enough to make me frown. However, when I got a message from my editor Lori on saturday asking me to come to a cocktail party on Monday night for ThisGirl, I was nervous for the next 2 days. Questions raced through my mind non stop...Was I going to be the youngest person there? Was I going to be accepted by everyone else who was apart of this AMAZING project, (and of course...), WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?! So as school finally passed on Monday, I went home and began prepping. 

The first order of business? The outfit. Silver juicy couture flats with a gold charm at the toes, black leggings, a couture dress I got from a boutique in my town (gray cotton dress with mesh material on the sleeves and around the collar), and a black Ferragamo headband with my hair in loose curls. It was elegant, yet not stuffy. 

Arriving at the swank Smyth Hotel in Tribeca was an experience. The amazing hotel, which just opened a few months ago, is definitely Manhattan's next big hot spot. The food was excellent as well. I had an arugula salad after the party was over. A bit pricey, ($12), but it was a lot of food for the price. 

The party was sensational. I met with women who were true leaders and guru's in their fields. PR, marketing, money, celebrity styling, and more. However, my favorite people I chatted with were Donna Clower, Vanessa Antonelli & Fanoosh Torabi.  No one seemed no notice, or even care that I was the only person in high school there. While each of us were there for our own talents...we all had one thing is common: we were ThisGirls!

Tea, Please

Let's face it, this is the time of year where everyone needs a little pick me up until summer. Especially since lately the weather has just been too depressing. With allergies raging, school dragging, and A.P.'s taking over, it seems like sometimes there no such thing as down time. It's important no matter what that everyone take a rest at least once a day: no questions asked! I'm not saying take a 30 minute nap, (although it would be nice), but taking a few deep breaths never hurt anyone.

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