Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Riding Academy

There is something about the "riding look" that never gets old to me. It exemplifies utter classic elegance and is sure you have people glance at your outfit a few times over. The structure of a quality blazer paired with boots and khaki colored pants is a sure way to pull off a polished look. This look that I put together teams a jacket that reminded me of either a riding jacket or a generals jacket back in the 1800's. Either way, I thought it looked amazing paired with the camel colored messenger bag and gold pin to accent the buttons on the jacket. This look could not only carry you through fall, but could be stored away in your closet and cherished again season after season.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lunch Love

Everyday, 20 million plastic baggies go into landfills. This is how the positively trendy lunchskins website markets their products. If you ask me, they sell themselves, I mean who wouldn't want to eat lunch in style? Well, maybe it's just me but I can't resist them! Sub, sandwich, and snack bags are the three different types made, and with each one being so inexpensive, reusable, dishwasher safe AND adorable, I'm ready to place my order.

Not to mention, the patterns that they offer too cute.! They range from animal & fruit motifs to polka dots, swirls and stripes.

Teeing Off With Smoothies

This weekend was while my parents set off to upstate Connecticut for the weekend, I decided to stay home and enjoy time with my best friend and boyfriend. My boyfriend told me that he had a surprise for me Saturday afternoon, so I decided to return the surprise back to him. I took my chances at making smoothies by following an easy recipe that I found. I added fresh bananas and strawberries for an extra yummy combination that I knew he'd enjoy.
We ended up going to Pine Creek golf course about 50 minutes away from my house and had an amazing afternoon on a course tucked away in an unexpected location surrounded my sprawling streams and ancient pine trees.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Transition Time

Putting together this look was mean to help define the transition between the summer and fall wardrobe. While it was still 99 degrees in New Jersey today, it is September, and the sneaky fall temperatures will be doing just that, literally falling before we even know it. Personally, I'm ready to tuck away my sun dresses and transition into a fresh fall wardrobe. The beauty of transforming from season to season is that the change in weather becomes more dramatic as we enter deeper into each season. Therefore, your fall looks can add more accessories and more clothing as the weeks go on. This Parisian look could transition you from late summer into early November.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Keep It In Neutral

There is no doubt that the runways this fall have a neutral and feel compared to those of previous seasons. According to Mark Holgate of Vogue, he said that this season is all about fashion's "Coming to Age." The runways are filled with more "wearable looks" that aren't necessarily for the pages of a magazine only. This is something that will certainly be a relief to all women who often wonder the same question: how can anyone really pull off that runway look? Let's face it, unless your Lady Gaga who can wear anything wild out in public, a dress such as those adored by Alexander McQueen aren't going to far from the sultry lighting and alien-like atmosphere of a McQueen runway show.