Sunday, July 13, 2008

Keep It Glowing

Last summer when I took my first NYU class, I began to explore Soho with my mom. One day during class, my shop-savvy mom made her best Soho discovery yet; Sabon. Located on Prince Street, it quickly grew to be one of our favorite little stores. For all of you who haven't been fortunate enough to have what I like to call the "Sabon experience," I'll try my best to describe. When you walk into the Prince Street location you are instantly greeted by young bustling sales people who wisk you over to a quaint old stone fountain. There you are asked to choose a scent you prefer (all different scrubs are set up around the perimeter of the fountain for you to choose from). After you choose a scent of your preferance, a blob is placed into your hands and you are told to scub for about a minute. After the minute is up you press a petal with your feet and water begins to pour out of the old copper spicket connected to the fountain. After you rinse, you are left with renewed, baby soft hands.

Of course everytime I walk into the Sabon on Prince Street, I have no qualms about trying a new scent. My personal favorite, Vanilla Coconut, is a perfect light scent for summer that leaves me with a healthy, natural glow everytime I use it. The body scrub is even safe on sensitive skin, (I would know because if its safe for me then ANYONE can use it!)
...Kudos to you Sabon!

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Monica said...

When I first walked in, I thought "Oh, another store selling soaps". But the sales associates walked me over to the stone sink and , using a foot pedal, ran the water over my hands while telling me about the different scents the scrubs came in. She followed the scrub with a soothing lotion. The sales associates are helpful and informative.

class act said...

Monica- You are absolutely right, Sabon is defnintely customer friendly!