Monday, July 13, 2009

Boutique Unique

I would so much rather explore a small town or city full of little boutiques than head to the mall and browse through a department store. I mean, isn't that what a true shopping day should be all about? The hunt. The quest for finding the perfect dress, bracelet, or whatever it is that your shopping for is so much more thrilling when it just happens to pop up in the smallest little corner store that your least expecting to find anything in. Thinking about it now, I've found many of my most adored things when they just happened to pop up in front of me. I call it...destiny shopping. 

I've had my fair share of destiny shopping over the past few months this summer, but I must admit, it does come in spurts. I notice whenever I TRY to shop for a certain occasion, that's when I never come across anything worthwhile. 

For my 18th birthday last September, my aunt gave me a beautiful gold necklace in the shape of a circle that I absolutely fell in love with.  I read "Anastasia's Accessories" in gold lettering across the velvet green pouch that housed the gorgeous necklace. The next time I was in Hoboken, I had to hunt down this boutique. Two months later when I finally went, I walked in and fell in love with a ring by a fabulous designer called Meira T. There were only a few Meira T pieces in the store, but each of them was so feminine, elegant and stunning that I instantly fell in love with the designer. I also loved how my ring was one of a kind. I had my eye on it for 2 months, and finally went and bought it for myself last week with graduation money from my aunt. 

(The ring sat there for 2 that's what I call destiny). 

The moral to my story? Next time your walking past a small boutique thinking that you'll never find anything, go inside instead. I guarantee you'll walk out questioning whether you still want to head to the mall and buy the same shirt, ring, or whatever it is that thousands of other people have a carbon copy of. Think outside your department store box. You won't be sorry you did. 

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