Sunday, January 31, 2010

Soul Searching Sunday

"We are shaped and fashioned by what we love."
-Johann Wolfgang

Seeing this quote really sparked my thoughts about something that's been bothering me lately that I haven't been able to figure out until now. Being a freshman in college, its so simple to get stuck in the bubble of school and forget that there really is a real world going on outside the gates of Fairfield. I really feel there has become a problem amongst people my age, (in particular, girls), with chasing after our dreams. We choose to obsess and spend our time worrying about the things in life that at the end of the day, really don't matter at all. It is sad to think and even acknowledge that young women who chase after their dreams and put their heart and soul into what they want out of life has be shaved down to a small minority of girls. Now I'm not saying that this is only true for women because men my age are certainly doing the same, but I'm going to specifically talk about girls. My question comes down to this-why does no one do what they love anymore? I come across so many girls everyday who simply do the things they think they're "supposed to be doing" as a college student and I ask myself, are they doing it for themselves, or for the sole purpose of fitting in and being accepted. If we continue to put what makes us happy on the back burner, then what really is the sense of living at all? As they say, life is too short. And if we follow Johann Wolfgang's quote from above, what is shaping young women today? I see so many girls putting themselves second and putting the happiness of others before themselves in hopes of gaining everyones acceptance. Since when did it become a law that everyone had to like and agree with everything you do?

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ribbons1391 said...

This entry couldn't be more true. College gives you four years of your life to focus on what you love. When are you ever going to get four "free-bee" years of your life for the sole purpose of discovering yourself? Never.
Stay focused girls. And not on boys, on YOURSELF. (Sometimes it's okay to be selfish.)