Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mad Hatter

Maybe it struck me after seeing Alice in Wonderland with my boyfriend Daniel two Fridays ago, or maybe it was just the fact that I've secretly always wanted one, but I've been on the mission to find the perfect hat.

I knew in my head (like I do most clothes/accessories/shoes/etc.) what I envisioned being my ideal look, but the problem was finding what brought my vision to life. And no, I wasn't looking for the ostentatious floral hat that you think of when you hear Kentucky Derby. (Even though I would secretly love to walk around in one of those everyday.) It had to be a simple and casual straw-woven hat, that was still structured. Nothing huge and floppy that gave off the "heading to the beach look."

This past week in Florida while out shopping with my mom at a fabulous mall in Palm Beach Gardens, she and I both knew we found "the one" when we laid eyes on the ideal hat, (the first picture above). It was the only hat I saw amongst the many others that were featured in the hat section in Bloomingdales. After finally getting my hands on it, I peered down to see who the maker of this fabulous piece was. As soon as I saw the name, it struck an eyebrow raise from both me and my mom. Eric Javitz? It sounded TOO familiar. I racked my brain for a good 10 seconds knowing I had seen the label somewhere else quite recently. It finally dawned on us that my mom almost bought a small leather evening bag of his at a wonderful little boutique in Fairfield about 2 months ago.

After coming across more of his hats and handbags at another store in the same mall in Florida, I knew I would have to check out Eric Javitz as soon as I came home. I've learned that he's a member of the CFDA, and attended Rhode Island School of Design. Clearly, he must have been doing SOMETHING right to be making such adorable hats and structured, yet not stuffy handbags. I might deem his pieces a bit overpriced, but the quality seems substantial and high-end from the pieces I have seen so far. I can't honestly say that I'm wild about his spring 2010 handbag collection, but (surprise, surprise), I'm smitten with his hats.

Check out his Spring 2010 line...

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