Thursday, April 8, 2010

Season of Straw

Maybe it's just this oddly hot weather, (87 degrees in April...who's complaining), or maybe it's the fact that I'm just dying to think about anything other than how busy these last few weeks of school are going to be, but all I want to do is find the perfect summer straw bag like the ones above.

If you don't already own a straw bag for summer, I highly suggest investing in one (maybe the ones above). They seem to be popular every summer season every year. I would however, suggest in not spending the money on a top quality straw bag if you are rough on your bags, or plan on using it everyday. Perhaps opt for a clutch, instead of a big bag, as that might be a better pick instead of worrying about a large hand bag that will eventually wear down and fray.

My choices of straw bags for today came from (in order from the top), Lilly Pulitzer, Tory Burch, and Michael Kors. I adore all three and think each one bring a different feel and interest to a potential look or sun dress that it could be paired with.

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