Friday, April 9, 2010

Vive en France

This summer is all about being effortlessly elegant. Ruffles, lace, floral, sorbet colors and neutral tones are all flocking the runways for this upcoming season. One of the things I loved most about the pieces I picked to put together a Parisienne theme was that despite the unique beauty of each piece, they could all be mixed and matched to create different outfits. Each piece makes its own individual statement, but can still be paired with at least one item from below to put together a truly classic outfit.

I thought this was very chic and would look lovely paired with dark jeans and a big bow headband or a large, floppy black hat
I admired the knitting in this sweater and thought it would be the perfect thing to throw on over the dress below for those breezy summer nights when your eating dinner outside.
This bag may just be my new favorite evening bag. While the bow, (which you can't see too well in the picture), is simple, it adds a perfect finishing touch to the bag. This can also be worn year around if paired with the proper outfit.
This lady-like floral theme is elegant, but not stuffy. I also thought the detail in the center of the dress added an interesting touch.
Another classic basket bag that I talked about the other day. The black and white weave with the gold chain channeled a Chanel bag to me.

This is the jacket that I pictured to go with the above bag. The subtle ruffles compliment the basket weave in the bag above.
As soon as I saw this shirt, I pictured pearls, big curls in my hair and a a structured bottom to separate the look from the loose feel of the top.

These shorts are structured and looked pulled together. I thought they would look cute with flats or pumps. The shirt above it with the roses, and the straw bag below would also make a lovely outfit together if paired with these shorts.

This bag is one of my favorites out of the mix. The neutral tones of the ribbons leave this bag open to be paired with almost any outfit. Its wonderful shape and perfect size also leave it open to be used as a day or casual evening bag.

(I decided not to put the pieces in any particular order, as I didn't want to create specific "looks" but rather allow you to see how the pieces can be worn together or separately.)


Miri said...

Great the body/swimsuit (?) in the first picture

Kerry said...

I left you an award on my blog!