Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Turning a rainy day into a fashion statement...

It's official. Summer just isn't coming to the East Coast this year. Every morning as I wake up and try to pick my outfit, I just sigh looking at all my new untouched dresses hanging in my closet. But just because the rain, rain....WON'T go away, doesn't mean you have to opt for the sweatshirt and hair in a bun look. Turning a rainy day into a fashion statement can be done by anyone, AND without spending a fortune. 

Have hair that frizzes at the sight of water? That doesn't mean you have to throw it up in a ponytail and call it a day. Work the curls! Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious has shampoos and conditioners for coarse or fine curls, so no matter what kind of curl you rock, you can be frizz free.

Want to protect your pocketbook in a downpour? Then I'll introduce you to my latest obsession, Rain Couture. The brilliant designers behind the rain bags literally created a raincoat for your pocketbook. The rain bags come in a variety of designs and colors that fold up to the size of a standard wallet so that when your out of the rain, you can wipe it down and toss it in your pocketbook. 

A rainy day wouldn't be complete without the finishing touch, rain boots of course. I believe that every girl should own AT LEAST one cute pair of rain boots. Looking for a splurge? Burberry rain boots are comfortable and will last you for years. Looking for a steal? Target has tons of adorable rain boots that will give you the confidence to strut your style on a rainy, depressing morning. 

Even if you aren't feeling your best during these dreary days, you'll be certain to fool everyone around you just with these few tips. 

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avant-gardiste said...

I love this posting! I also enjoy your style of writing, it's very empathetic and personal to readers.