Friday, February 5, 2010

Master of the Arts

Over my winter break while I was home I was (of course) spending a wonderful amount of time catching up on all the things I love. One of the most important was spending time with my mom. She and I always complete each other with our similar sense of style and interest in seeing fashion as beauty and art instead of simply as clothing. She has taught me to appreciate the classics--a fine Hermes scarf, a beautiful bottle of Bond Chinatown perfume with Swarovski crystals placed carefully on each cherry blossom, or a timeless cashmere sweater (just to name a few). More often than not, we like the same things. However, it was over break that for the first time ever, we disagreed about a certain jewelry designer who she recently discovered.

Charles Krypell, as some of you may have heard of, was a sculpter before he designed jewelry. Hmm, well that's interesting. Don't worry, it was my first impression as well. But I have to admit, his pieces are absolutely stunning in real life. After much hesitation and failed attempts at trying to change her mind, I got my mom a sterling silver and gold Charles Krypell cuff for Christmas. The first time I saw it I was absolutely stunned. The detail and craftsmanship of the piece was artwork. “I want my clients to enjoy the piece at every single angle,” he explains on his company website. Well, trust me, he gets the job done. Above are a few pictures of some Krypell cuffs. DISCLAIMER: the pictures don't do his work justice-they are so intricate in person!

Moral of the story: mom's always know best!


Every Little Counts said...

These pieces are gorgeous and I'm sure, like you said, even more beautiful in person.

p.s...Your mom sounds awesome!

class act said...

She is, thank you!