Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dorm Room Bliss

They say that after a long day of work there is nothing like heading home to house you adore and can unwinding in after a day of stressful events. They say that in college, there is nothing like heading back to you over-febrezed dorm room to crash on your tacky futon piled high with the rejected outfits that never made it to the previous nights festivities. Actually, nobody says that. Unfortunately, I find more often than not that students I go to school with loathe the sight of their dorm room. Personally, being away from my room at home that I love so much was hard enough, so I knew my dorm room had to be home away from home.

Whenever anyone walks into our room we always get one of two reactions: "This room is glowing pink" and "Woow, this is a dorm?!" No, we didn't get lucky with some luxurious suite, we simply put our heads together and designed the best room that we could with what we could. The secret to all of this? There is no secret, it's simple! However, there are a few tips I'll share with you that can instantly brighten the mood of your dorm room.

Rule number one-Turn off that awful fluorescent light! Trust me, it isn't doing anything for your (or your complexion). Opt for a floor lamp and table lamps, (one for each person in the room). For example, between our beds, Juliana and I have a large floor lamp and on each of our desks, we have matching desk lamps to balance out each side of the room.

Rule number two-Symmetry! Now this rule is really a toss up because not everyone is lucky enough to live with someone who they can coordinate with. If this is you....skip this rule! Juliana and I have balance in our room-our beds, armoire's, stacking totes and desk lamps are all perfectly symmetrical. It's just an extra touch that really gives it that WOW factor.

Rule number three- Natural lighting and natural odor. I know, your probably laughing at the last one. But seriously, an over-febrezed room is not a happy room. Open the window and let some light and fresh air in once in a while. It can do wonders to rid of that musty dorm room smell!

Rule number four-Clean up the floor and make that bed. Ok, the "I don't have time excuse" is something I laugh at. I manage a full schedule of classes, activities and run 3 miles a day, but somehow I have time to make my bed in the morning. I'm sure you can too! Also, buy yourself a garbage--those Tostitos on the floor aren't too cute.

Rule number five-Accessories, accessories, accessories! A perfect outfit isn't complete without the finishing touch of a necklace, headband, etc. What makes you think a room is any different!? And I'm not saying you have to spend a fortune either. A few posters can do wonders for those jail cell-like walls. Adding that '"WOW" factor to a room can literally be done for pennies. Juliana and I taped ribbons onto our armoires and overhead light (that's the one you NEVER turn on), to give the room extra texture and appeal.

So let's wrap up: lighting, cleanliness, accessories, and symmetry. These easy steps will bring you simple and wallet friendly dorm room happiness. And a wonderful way to spend a lazy Sunday!

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Lady Lake said...

First, may I offer my most delighted congratulations to this post being published in the school newspaper.

Second, I absolutely adore our room photos (and dear readers of Miss Julia's blog, the pictures simply do not do our room the justice it deserves).

And third, is it now confirmed that we will be advertising for dorm room interior designing this coming autumn?