Thursday, February 11, 2010

Retail Confessions: The symptom and the diagnosis

The Symptom: Deep breath in, deep breath out. No, we’re not heading to yoga class ladies, we’re heading into town to the little boutique that lures you in like a bad habit every time you walk by. We all know the one. The catchy name, adorable interior, and that killer lighting in the dressing rooms that seems to make every dress look THAT much better. Ahh, boutique shopping. Since many of us are living in college towns, we’re all too familiar with that one place in town where every girl can’t help but stopping in once a week lifetime to splurge. Let’s face it ladies, this is college, and the budget can’t call for expensive retail shopping whenever we see that “perfect dress.” However, when we aren’t looking for it (or more likely aren’t in the market for it) that “perfect” something always seems to pop up in the store.

The Diagnosis: Sound like a familiar scenario above? The bright side here, I might be slightly worried if you were asking yourself, “what is this girl talking about?!” So I assure you, you’re in good hands. Let’s get down to business. Retail shopping is about willpower. Don’t let the famous four letter killer SALE fool you either. There are a few things to keep in mind before you head into the store if your feeling like temptation is calling your name.

Disclaimer: Now don’t get me wrong, not that I have anything against a killer boutique indulgence, I’m simply helping to control the thrill of going retail wild on a college budget.

Another black cotton dress? Ask yourself, do I already have five versions of this same dress, or is there something special about this one that I MUST have. Honesty within yourself is the best answer to taking control of your spending habits. These can be dangerous lands ladies, and that end of the month credit card bill isn’t worth the premature wrinkles that can add up over years of retail addiction.

Step number two. This part can be scary and you may want to close your eyes, but don’t! If you are cringing at the sight of the price tag, then STEP AWAY FROM THE GOODS girls. Chances are you can find something similar to it someplace else, minus the fancy price tag of course!

The Check-up: If you take one piece of advice out of this, remember to never give up your willpower (or what’s left of it anyway). Retail addiction is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. Just like any guilty pleasure, if you can control it then that’s all that really matters.

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Lady Lake said...

My twin, this entry is absolutely amazing. It is exquisitely witty, charming, and made me only want to read more. Just like boutique shopping is an addiction, so is my addiction to your blog. And while the former can be quite costly (knowing me), the latter I get for free (at least until you become a published and accomplished writer). I cannot wait for your next post.

xoxo Lady Lake