Monday, March 1, 2010

American Dream

Last night as I was on the phone with my boyfriend, he got me thinking about the power of icons. He made an amazing point that I never thought of about before. The power of what a small picture can connect to one's thought process is simply amazing. In particular, we were talking about the closing ceremony of the Olympics last night and how regal the U.S.A team looked completely decked out in Ralph Lauren. The classic red, white, and blue colors with the touch of the classic RL polo logo has become an icon that goes far beyond just a fashion statement. The pony has become an American classic. It has become a symbol of sheer class and refined elegance. Whether it be a collared or more commonly known "polo" shirt, or (my personal favorite), a classic cable sweater with the touch of the small pony, it has truly become the brand of America.

As Daniel and I continued our talk about this we started thinking about the name Ralph Lauren has made for himself. The fact that someone can and has built their name into a worldwide empire is simply phenomenal. One man, one company, one horse. As I began to think about it more and more, it truly started to baffle me. The fact that someone can turn their initials into a worldwide statement, and create a brand that could embody and represent an entire nation in an event as profound as the Olympics is truly amazing.

Check out some of the amazing Team U.S.A Olympic gear...

The line to me seems to be the perfect combination of athletic chic with a subtle touch of Ralph Lauren luxury.

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