Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sunny Days Ahead

It's days like today when I'd rather be anywhere than stuck on a college campus inside the library peering out at the gray skies of a rainy February day. But I guess something about a rainy day gives us time to think about the exciting things coming up. Did someone say less than two weeks to Florida?! I think so. So as I'm sitting here trying to keep myself from doing work for a while, I figured why not use my time wisely how I want and do some bathing suit shopping. First stop: Victoria's Secret...

I thought the colors and shades of pink in all three of these made a statement, yet didn't look too overdone. I'm a fan of the hint of excitement in the first two with the jeweled top, ruffled bottoms and touch of sequin, and I love the last one for the fact that its simple solid color doesn't take away from the unique detail in the top. Also, the bottom piece would be great to mix and match with. How cute would that look with a black top and white bottom?

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