Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cupcake Couture

Last week when I was in south Florida, my family and I decided to head to Delray beach one evening for dinner. For those of you who have never been to Delray before I really recommend going if you happen to be nearby. It had a wonderful little main street in the town that I was told by my uncle has a very South Beach (as in Miami), feel to it. The nightlife was bustling and young people were scattered about on the street everywhere.

But of course, that really didn't catch my attention too much. But what did was the words "Cupcake Couture" posted on a sign at a shop across the street from where I was standing and observing everything going on. I took off running across the street and stood outside the shop awe-struck. Peering in through the large windows I saw lots of pink, beautifully decorated counters featuring fun gum-ball designs, girly light fixtures, and pink and green mock ovens on either side of the store entrance that were actually flat screen tv's. Walking into the store I think I nearly scared the owner with my excitement. She was a lovely woman who told me that the shop had just opened that week. She proceeded to tell me a little more about the store and that they would feature candy, exotic lollipops, cupcakes and custom made cakes. Cupcake couture had the perfect mix of old-fashioned flair with the fun black and white checked tiled floors, and various soft drinks in classic looking glass bottles. The names for the different types of cupcake were creative and made me want to try every one. "Limey Pulitzer" and "Berry Wang" are just a few of the adorable names amongst the various cupcakes the store makes. My favorite part is that they each have a fun spin off a designers name. The owner was even gracious enough to give me a sample wrapped in adorable pink packaging...(let's just say the cupcake didn't last too long).

Even though they won't need it, best of luck to the owners of Cupcake Couture!


Fashion Chalet said...

Great blog!

I love the post :)


Fashion Chalet said...

So Fla. I miss it. Originally from Miami now in North Carolina. Always up for cake anywhere though. ;) Thanks for commenting back.


Erika said...

Ah...Cupcake Couture. Hello, with a name like that it's like a requirement for every fashionista to go there. I want to move in. So exciting that you had the chance to visit there! I'm craving a cupcake!! :)