Monday, March 22, 2010

Mad Mac

It was hard to wake up on this dreary, gray morning and picture myself in my Easter dress in less than two weeks. With almost no motivation to even go run (I did anyway), or do anything worthwhile at all, I had an urge to bake. Well, my 3rd floor lounge kitchen wasn't quite going to cut it, and I have nothing to bake with anyway, so that probably wasn't the best idea.

However, when I got the following e-mail from my mom I finally began to perk up. It read, "I'm going to order these to arrive for when your home for Easter break," and had an attached link. Curiously, I clicked the link to be brought to a picture of a decadent looking macaron.

Everyone knows that macarons are quickly becoming the new cookie. However, it seems only a matter of time until the once delicate, airy French treat becomes a mass-produced and tired fad. At least that is what real macaron lovers fear. Recently, McDonalds started selling macarons as a dessert to customers. Yes, I'm talking about the same McDonalds that also sells McFlurries. Well, they are now providing french pastries. Some may look at this as McDonalds attempting to go "upscale," but others (like myself), see it as the sad downfall of a posh dessert.
With companies such as Mad Mac attempting to keep macarons the lovely French classic that they really are, there may not be too much to worry about. I'm so excited for the macarons to arrive when I'm home, and I'll be eager to try the different types. The classic tray of 12, (starting at $18), holds 4 different flavors including lemon, chocolate, pistachio and raspberry.

Add a little touch of French to your Easter Sunday with some macarons. I know I'll be displaying mine of some pretty Shelley or Wedgewood to add an elegant tea party feel.


Erika said...

Now I have Marie Antoinette stuck in my head. For some reason I always associate pastel-colored macarons with Marie Antoinette - love it!

Oh, you are going to have the best Easter ever. Not only the best, the most delicious!! :)

The Style Mansion said...

These macaroons look delicious. I will have to pay a visit to the Hummingbird bakery in Nottinghill to try some!