Monday, April 5, 2010

Closet Surprises

Behold elegance. Behold beauty. Behold vintage. Behold....a bag I bought when I was 12? Actually, I'm not making this up. Even at 12 I had an eye for all things that had simple beauty. I actually picked this out in an antique store way back when, and its been sitting in my closet for years. (I thought the colors of the marble in my bathroom complimented the pearl tones in the bag-what a beautiful color scheme, right?!)
Yesterday for Easter I panicked 10 minutes before we left for dinner as I realized that I had left most of my little clutches at school. I didn't know what I could use to throw a lipgloss and phone in at the last minute. I quickly scanned my closet and was shocked when I laid eyes on the bag realizing that it had been sitting in the dark for all of these years.
It's so simple, yet the bead work on it is incredible when you see it up close. It added a subtle finishing touch to my Rebecca Taylor dress I wore yesterday and made me feel so 1920's flapper.

Moral of this story....rummage through your closet once in a while, you never know what's hiding in there

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Lily Lemontree said...

What a beautiful bag!! You sure were one smart and stylish cookie at 12!