Monday, April 5, 2010

Design-Her Gals

Before I left for college in August, my mom told me about this adorable website called "" ...of course anything with a name that cute has to be something I'm going to love. I felt like I was a little girl again dressing up dolls and picking out the avatar that would be perfect for me. (Note my Lily Pulitzer bedding in the background-so Spring!)

My mom surprised me one day with this above mug wearing the exact outfit I wore to see Wicked with Daniel a few weeks before I left for school . Even though that picture of the mug is awful and really doesn't do it justice, (you can thank my lovely dorm room lighting for that), the resemblance between the two makes me smile every time. She's even complete with a little Blackberry (back before I switched to the iphone), pearl bracelets, and matching Chanel bag! also does adorable t-shirts, stationary, and other fabulous gift ideas as well. Plus, designing a little avatar is definitely an excuse to play dress up all over again.

This is the picture my mom used to copy my designhergal from. Leave it to her to have it so spot on!

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