Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Haute Spot

I was absolutely thrilled when I was strolling through the Short Hills Mall on Sunday only to stumble across Teen Vogue's latest pop-up store dubbed the "Teen Vogue Haute Spot." As I anxiously ran up to the store, I was bombarded with girls coming up to me and handing me the latest issue featuring Miley Cyrus on the cover (too bad I already bought a copy as soon as it came out!) As I ventured into the store, I instantly felt like I had stepped into a Teen Vogue magazine. I can only imagine how fabulous the offices must be in the Conde Nast buidling in Time Square, NYC. Being in the store was probably the closest I'll ever come to being in a Teen Vogue office (for now anyway).

 The store is filled with the latest trends hand picked by the editors from stores right in the mall. However, as soon as I ventured into the store, I was 100% star struck when I saw Mary Kate Steinmiller standing right in front of me. Most of the people who walked into the Haute spot probably didn't know who she was, but I instantly walked up to her and said how I was a huge fan and so happy for her success she has achieved at Teen Vogue. Imagine: being an intern for three years, then becoming the Associate Fashion Market Editor all by the age of 24! 

If you happen to live in the Tri-state area, making a trip to the Haute Spot is definitely worth it! Check the Teen Vogue website for the exact days of upcoming events. This weekend Fashion Market Director Gloria Baume will be at the Haute Spot to talk about scoring a job in the greatest industry there is: fashion! You can bet I'll be there front and center on Saturday!

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