Thursday, March 25, 2010

Future Forecast

Recently, a good friend of mine asked me if I was afraid of the future and where we were headed in life. I though about the question and responded to him with the following: "what do you think I think about on the tredmill?! Although I meant this to be only half serious, I do often think about where our time in the present is going to lead us in the future. Going through a rough first year being away at school myself, I have been doing more thinking than anyone should at my age about how I want my future to look. It's a scary thing to think about how yes, we do have some say in controlling where we end up in life, and what we choose to subject ourselves to, but it also seems to be that more often that not that there is always some hindrance blocking us from our dreams. Whether they be the goals of our immediate or long term future, it hurts when the things we see ourself doing don't go as planned.

Long before he was my boyfriend, Daniel was always a firm believer in the John D. Rockefeller quote, "I always try to turn every disaster into an opportunity." When I first read that when I was 14, it really didn't pertain to my life at all. Even looking at it now, I don't literally take the word "disaster" Rockefeller uses literally, but more as a means of expressing lost hope and broken dreams. I know not only myself, but many (and most) of my friends are going through a time when we all are beginning to shape our futures, but are going to have a hard time getting there. With jobs being harder to obtain, and internships being nearly impossible for anyone my age to get in the magazine industry, it all seems unfair when things build up at once and good news seems like it will never come.

After all, everyone just wants to succeed...right?

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