Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Story Swap

I have to admit, back in high school I was always a follower of The Hills, and even got into The City a little bit. For one reason: Whitney Port. She always reminded me of myself in some ways; just a hard-working, private girl who liked to stay under-stated and under the radar. Whitney started to lose her appeal to me after she took on The City and exposed her life for all of the world to see. Something about the hype of "reality star" seems to always take the potential success stories down. Even Lauren Conrad, whose line could have had potential, is now over-priced, failing and heading to a Marshall's near you. Shame, shame. released a blurb on their blog "The Cut" (which I read avidly), that Whitney is in trouble for apparently not giving credit to the co-designer of her line! For those of you who watch The City, it's no secret that Whitney has had help from her mentor, (and now very well known colleague), Kelly Cutrone. However, Whitney's supposed co-designer Adrienne Baravetto is suing Port saying that he isn't getting credit for the work he has contributed to the Whitney Eve line.

And to think I follow innocent Whitney on Twitter and thought she was an honest, hardworking girl. Hmm, I guess I STILL haven't learned my lesson. The moral of this story: always listen to BOTH sides of the story. The media can allow you to portray yourself in any way you desire, but the truth always comes out eventually.

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